It is easy to understand from the name of plastic wood that this product is a combination of wood powder and plastic, which is very similar to natural wood.

The most prominent feature of plastic wood is its friendliness to nature, because wood left in nature combines with recycled plastics instead of burning and polluting the air and the environment, creating a new and widely used product called wood-plastic, which replaces wood and can be used for many years. And they are recycling, which is very important from the point of view of environmentalists and nature lovers.

Plastic wood is 100% recyclable and leaves no residue, and its small waste is completely recyclable, which preserves forests and pastures and prevents the cutting and destruction of trees and damage to the ecosystem. The only concern that can arise in the production of plastic wood is the production of a pollutant called carbon dioxide, which is largely eliminated by filtering out pollutants.

مقاوم در برابر رطوبت و آب گریز
Resistant to moisture
مقاوم در برابر خط و خش
Scratch resistant
سطح غیر لغزنده
Non-slip surface
ضد حساسیت
anti allergy
مقاوم در برابر اشعه UV
UV resistant
مقاوم در برابر انواع حشرات
Resistant to a variety
مقاوم در برابر قارچ و کپک
Resistant to fungus
سازگار با محیط زیست
مقاوم در برابر آتش سوزی
Fire resistant
عایق حرارتی و صوتی
Thermal and acoustic
نصب ، تعمیر و نگهداری آسان
Easy installation
قابل بازیافت
آنتی باکتریال
Anti bacterial
قابل شستشو
ایمن و فاقد مواد سمی
Safe and free of toxic
طول عمر بالا
Long life
دیوار سبز
Green Wall
لوور سقفی
Ceiling Louvre
Facade , Wall covering
the fence
موزاییک تایل
Tile mosaic
کف پوش
Floor Covering
مبلمان شهری
Urban furniture
Flower box
درب پلی وود
Plastic wood door
کاور استخر
Pool cover
روف گاردن
Roof garden

choobinplast collection

Choobin Plast complex has been formed from the gathering of young and capable specialists of Plast Choob industry with the aim of preserving the environment and the new method of providing services at the highest level and quality to customers.
Since in modern and mechanized life these days and high costs, we no longer have the opportunity for trial and error, Choobin Plast team has always considered the customer’s concern and need as their concern, and for this purpose, from the selection and consulting stage to the last stage of implementation with our customers Is able to complete the assigned projects at the highest quality level and in the fastest possible time with the lowest cost, which is evidenced by the Lord of the completed projects.
Choobin Plast collection is at your service with sufficient experience in implementing the following projects:
* Flooring (pool area) and flooring
* Roof Garden and Flowerbox
* Urban furniture and landscaping
* Ceiling louvres and pergolas
* Pavilions and railings

Plast wood industry

Since Plast wood industry is not very well known in Iran, we consider it our duty to help you in a suitable and informed choice by honestly and clearly reminding the following points:
* Plastic wood is a combination of wood powder and polymer, so please pay special attention to the weight of this product when buying, because the more wood powder used in this product, the lower its weight and the more water absorption. Which reduces the quality of this product.
* To install Plast wood, iron chassis must be done. So, if you want to remove ironwork from the installation process to save costs, we must tell you to draw a line around Plast wood and go for another material, because unprincipled and non-standard installation in the not too distant future will cause financial losses. Brings to you. Of course, keep in mind that Plast wood is a new and almost luxurious material and gives a special and unique beauty to your project that can not be compared with any other material.
* In the combination of plastic wood, mineral and powder paints are used, which makes this product have a one-color color and it no longer needs to be painted like thermowood, and this saves you from maintenance costs.
* No animal (termites, mice, etc.) can feed on this product and nest in it, so after using this product, you no longer need to spray and no harm to the environment, and you at the expense You save your money.
* This material is slow-burning and if it is exposed to fire, it will not ignite and allows you to safely use this product next to the barbecue terrace or roof garden of your home.
* The last point and the most important feature of this product is its 100% recyclability, which by choosing it, you will help to preserve the environment and pass it on to the next generations.
We assure you that the highest level of satisfaction will be achieved by choosing Choobin Plast products, and with the effort and grace of God, we will always walk in this path and leave the judgment to you.
In order to protect the rights of the customer, we have tried and provided the possibility that by contacting the technical consultants and sales experts of Choobin Plast young collection, you can enjoy facilities such as free consultation, design, free sample, visit and execution by a professional team. Enjoy and to get more acquainted with the work process and save time, you can contact us online and in person through the site and social networks. We are waiting for your call.