Features of wood plastic flooring

Features of wood plastic flooring

Plast wood flooring offers the same function as wood, which allows you to drill, cut, glue, fix in position with nails or bolts, and finally create a smooth, delicate surface with it. . It goes without saying that Plast wood does not need gloss and paint, and on the other hand, it has a good adhesion for subsequent paintings. Plast wood flooring with a molded design has more durable body properties than wood. Its better resistance to wood means that you do not need to do things such as painting and mulching or creating flat layers. Plast wood flooring is made in different types, dimensions, shapes, thicknesses and other requirements, including the preparation of various designs, wood colors to offer more choices to its fans.

In addition, Plast wood flooring has good properties such as fire resistance, water resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, insect repellent, no fungal growing conditions, resistance to acids and alkalis that are toxic and contaminants. It does not produce the environment, yet it costs less to maintain. Plast wood flooring has a similar appearance to wood, it is more resistant than plastic, has a longer life and as a result has a higher strength.

In addition to all the good features of Plast wood flooring, we can also mention its light weight. It is resistant to heat, has a smooth surface, is free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Plast wood flooring is a new type of protected and environmentally friendly composite material

that has replaced wood in recent years. It can be used in garden design,

interior and exterior wall decoration, pool design and artificial ponds.

Plast wood flooring facilities

Given the appearance of plastic wood, it is difficult to say that it is not a real wood.

So in appearance it is not much different from wood.

It is made in different thicknesses such as 2.5 cm and usually the bottom layers make it thicker,

which makes it a substitute for many vinyl floors.

It has a very hard and durable coating.

Great for hot and humid surfaces.

They are quick and easy to install and most of them do not require any additional covers, glue, nails or screws.

It is very resistant to water and stains and it is very easy to clean.

Noise absorption and insulation.

The last thing you can expect from a floor is that it does not make noise when walking.

Plast wood flooring is sound insulation and absorbs sounds.

This way the floor can be installed in the upstairs room and will never be a nuisance to those downstairs.

Plast wood innovation around the pool

Plast wood around the pool is called flooring that is good against water, does not rot after a while, does not crumble and has special grooves that make it easier for people to move. Plast wood around the pool is one of the best products on the market.

Pools or floors should be used next to the pools that have the conditions to face the environment, and in general, the water level is important in this regard. Plast wood is one of the suitable materials in this field and is offered in various designs and colors. It is clear that this product is evaluated in the market at certain tariffs and each one is evaluated based on its quality.

Profile of plastic wood around the pool

Natural wood and plastic are used in the production of Plast wood. If the amount of wood used in this product is standard, it can be considered similar to wood. On the other hand, composites are produced in different colors and designs. One of the important advantages of plast wood is its durability and high resistance, which occurs in direct contact with water. Natural wood types will crack over time when in contact with water and cover many cracks, while plastic wood rarely cracks and cracks in front of pool water, and people who are supposed to be around the pool with Walking barefoot will not be a problem either.

The durability and resistance of Plast wood against moisture and water is high. It is known that there is a large amount of polymer resins that are in PP and PE models and are used in the manufacture of floors that are made of plastic-wood with high strength, this causes water to not be absorbed accurately. Note that Plast wood does not need annual maintenance and repair and is in good condition in terms of cost.

Anti-slip property of plastic wood around the pool

The use of wood and plastic together and according to the process that is considered, causes the traffic by the pool to be done accurately and the head level to be minimized so that people do not have any problems. It is clear that these products are designed and implemented due to their position, some of its models are a bit slippery and may be more in terms of using plastic than wood, and those who intend to buy this style must be satisfied with this issue. The technology used in the latest Plast wood around the pool is such that the location around the pool is determined and the best material is used for high-traffic areas.

In the best case scenario,

those who plan to walk around the pool should also be able to wear special shoes.

The new design of the pools is such that the appropriate surrounding space

should be provided with the pool floor,

and this has led to the innovations used in the design and production of plastic wood

around the pool to be provided accurately.

It is clear that the modernization of this part of the pool

can be an advanced and acceptable approach and consider strict policies.

Plast wood flooring around the pool

should be such as to prevent the pool from getting dirty in the wind and dust.

The thermal energy loss of the pool water should be reduced by 85%. It should also provide the necessary safety for children to move so that they are not thrown into the pool. On the other hand, the location of these floors is such that they can be very durable and its installation will not require special expertise, and fortunately, the additional costs in this area are limited.The inherent structure of Plast wood is such that it is made of wood and plastic, it absorbs very little water, and this has prevented the material from swelling and inflating. Plast wood has good flexibility and for this purpose, they use this material in humid environments such as toilets, bathrooms, yard space, and roof gardens.

It can be said that Wood Plast has good resistance in various fields.

Since Wood Plast has the lowest absorption of water in landscaping,

the probability of cracking will be very low and close to zero,

and for this purpose, Plast wood material is used a lot in the open air and by the pools.

Other properties of plastic wood include low modulus of elasticity and this number is about one tenth of wood. Therefore, products made of plastic wood can come in different shapes and forms, which is a matter of high flexibility when designing products with Gives plastic wood. This is due to the large amount of plastic in the production of wood plastic.Of course, the strength of plastic wood is also related to its correct and principled substructure, and the substructure must be done according to a special standard to increase the resistance of plastic wood against damage such as cracking, breakage, deformation, etc. The color used in the production of plastic wood in the roof garden is also very important and high quality paint should be used, although the amount of mixing materials in a dark curtain or light material will also be effective.

What is a gabion?

Combining new and modern materials with old materials, they create new shapes that help designers create new events. Today, with the advancement of technology, old materials can be used in a new way and special designs can be created. Gabion is a kind of use of old materials in the form of modern designs. Gabions, plastics and other materials inspired by the traditional style can help a lot to create new designs.

Gabions were originally used in structures such as dams. canal floor coverings, breakwaters. building retrofits. stone wall restraints. and side roads to prevent mountain falls. But today, gabions are used in the construction of urban and outdoor furniture. landscaping, waterfront construction and in interior design as wall coverings or space dividers.

Some buildings are sometimes built only with gabions.

and gabions, in addition to structural use.

also have a beautiful use in these buildings.

and an integrated and beautiful building is created.

Gabions, along with materials such as wood, wood plastic, PVC sheets and other modern materials, create special and beautiful designs and are widely used in decorating the facades of buildings, landscaping and roof gardens, and as materials. It can be used with long life. Gabion is a metal container in which all kinds of decorative stones are poured and helps to make your landscaping and roof garden more beautiful. Gabion is very cost-effective and can cover a large part of the roof or yard.

The green wall is the term used to create a barrier between two spaces,

which is created by creating green space and vegetation.

The green wall can separate the two spaces alone or be installed on a wall separately.

The task of the green wall, if installed on a wall,

will be to give freshness and beauty to the wall,

but if it is created as a wall alone, it can also be used to divide the space.

Green wall is widely used in roof garden and landscaping. There are usually several common ways to build a green wall that we will mention.

In some spaces, the planting medium or the planting box is located at the bottom of the green wall

and vegetation is created by planting tall plants or climbing plants on the entire surface.

In another type of green wall, which is mostly used in landscaping and roof garden,

small boxes and containers are spread all over the surface and planting is done at short intervals.

These planting containers are also called wall flower boxes. .

Green wall irrigation can be done intelligently or manually. Smart irrigation is done in such a way that the plant is watered in a certain period of time in a few days of the week, depending on the type of plant that has been planted. In the manual irrigation method, the highest row of flower boxes is irrigated and water overflows from the lower chamber of each flower box to the lower flower box. In this method, we must be careful that special layers must be placed in the wall flower boxes to provide salts and nutrients. Do not waste soil.

What is a Tree Box? Enclosures used for planting shrubs in the roof garden or landscaping are called tree boxes. Tree boxes are actually flower boxes that are made almost equal in length and width and are for planting shrubs with medium to high dimensions, and for this reason, the height of these boxes should be higher than flower boxes than the plant. Find the growth capacity and the so-called planting space is not too narrow for the plant.

Tree boxes are very useful in

roof garden and landscaping and are used to create a retaining wall in green roofs and landscaping.

Placing tree boxes on the roofs of houses and planting tall plants and shrubs can be seen as annoying. Restricted or blocked by annoying winds or strong sunlight.

Flower boxes are made in two ways:

portable and fixed for the roof garden,

which are usually made of building materials in the fixed state and metal sheets and cans in the portable state.

In the portable box, the inner layer is made of galvanized sheet, which increases their durability by painting it in the form of a furnace powder. The chassis used in these tree-boxes is made of metal cans that have the task of bearing the weight and separating the box from the roof surface so that air flows under the box and moisture does not damage the roof surface in the long run. The inner layer of the box and flower boxes can also be made of plastic and can be replaced in case of damage. The top material of the boxes is made of wood or plastic wood, in addition to creating beauty, it creates a sense of harmony with the roof garden and landscaping of projects. Other protective layers are also used inside the boxes, which will be explained in more detail later.

Design and execution of facade and board of wood plastic

Wood plastic facade

Execution of wood plastic facade is done in different ways and depends on the project conditions,

but in most cases, to implement Plast wood facade requires high-strength chassis.

Plastic wood display

Chassis in the facade of the building is done by metal profiles

and this profile is usually done by profiles with a cross section of 6 × 6-4 × 4-3 × 3,

which are in one direction with a distance of 100 cm and in the direction

It is made perpendicular to it at a distance of 35 cm.

This network that has been built now has the ability to accept profiles and their weight.

Plast wood profiles need to be screwed to 35 cm every 35 cm to avoid complication,

and for this purpose the lowest profile is screwed to the cans,

and then a clip that is made of compressed plastic and has high resistance in the groove.

The profile is placed and from now on the clips are screwed

into the can and the plastic wood profile itself is not screwed.


At the end of the work, the final profile is screwed so that the top and bottom of the work are well closed and the work is completed properly. If a 15 cm plastic profile is used in the facade, grooves and seams can be seen between the profiles. But if 10 cm plastic profiles are used, the distance between the profiles can no longer be seen because these 10 cm plastic profiles overlap.

Plast wood panel

The method of painting the wood of Plast panel is the same as the facade of Wood Plast

and it still needs to be chassis and the profiles must be paged through the clips at the specified intervals.


With Plast wood material, beautiful facades can be easily designed and executed.

Advantages of Plast wood facade:

High execution speed


Resistance to weather conditions


Resistance to intense sunlight


Variety in size and dimensions


The price is right


Variety of colors compared to wood


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